“You are being rated limited” error

Whenever I try login, it comes up with this error. Please help, my username is ! $ LobbyCraft

You seemed to have spammed the login button, just wait ~30 seconds and try again.

I waited 10 minutes and still wouldn’t work.

Are you sure? Try in a private window

Doesn’t work what do I do

what browser are you using

Chrome (why won’t it let me post 1 word, please delete the thing where I have to post 15+ characters to send a message)

What chrome version and what device windows android etc

Chrome on my ipad

try just safari it works fine

Ok I’ll respond when I tried it

Still doesn’t work

can you send a screenshot

I’d need to change your username if it doesn’t work at all so remove the ! $

Okay, change it to like LobbyCraftt

done changed to LobbyCraft

Okay lemme try

Thanks, do you have a discord server I could join of something?

yes RestoreCord INFO and Telegram: Contact @restorecord