Wont give member role

Wont give member role
how to fix

Hey, can you make sure that the bot role is above the verify role?

dident work any other ways?

it dosent give the role

Hmm, does the bot have permissions aswell? If yes could try reseting the bot token and secret token on the developpers page and update the information on restorecord?

ill try now ill let u know

still dosent work man help…

wait i need you to remove one of my custom bots

I’m sorry but i cant edit anything on your account, you would have to wait for xenos to come back or, you could make a new account

im not paying another $2

Uhhh, cant you create another custom bot or does it limit on premium?

done thanks alot man

If you want to ill contact xenos about deleting the other bot when he is back.

Please give me the bot name and bot id thank you.

Hi, which bot should I delete? You have 4 different ones

All of them please

is the bot role above the verify role?

I need all my servers and boys removed please

What’s the exact reason and username?