Why Do I Have a cooldown when it didnt even pull anything?

Can anyone reset this? McGaming Bot.

Yes, can you send me your server name on the dashboard?

McGaming like i said

I’m sorry, I’ve reseted the cooldown

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Question. How come my old bot is not banned. Its in an account that was banned from discord. How did that live until now?

Should I use that bot instead on my new one since its not getting banned or? make a completely new one…??

Discord banning accounts is weird, sometimes they only ban the account without the bot, but usually both at the same time. You know if a bot token is invalid if the bot name isnt shown on the custom bot page

I wiuld recommend using a new bot instead of the old bot, it could get disabled anytime in several weeks or months, we do not know.

thanks, Is there any way you can guide me setting up the new bot? Just so this time I done it correctly.

Nothing i can do rn. I’d rather not fume about all this shit. Atleast I got my website on my advertisement.

No problem, first of all, you should follow the 3 first guidlines in here:

Then you may proceed on this guide.

If you got any questions or are unsure about something feel free to contact me.

Got two questions bro.

How do i go about custom domain & adding bot to application team?

Adding custom bot to an team requires more steps:

  1. Create a team.
  2. Transfer the bot to Team.
  3. Invite more account into the team. (you need to enable 2FA on each account)
  4. accept the invite on each account