When people try to verify it says missing permision

i need help fixing this

didnt help i done everything correctly

send your verify link

https://restorecord.com/verify/The%20shop here

your server id is invalid.

how do i fix it?

Update your server if on the dasbboard →

Dashboard > Edit Server > Server ID

nope the server is not on dashboard

Invite me to the server

The Shop here

The server you have invited me doesnt exist on our database. Make sure you’ve changed the guild id of your dashboard to this:


could you try verifying now and see if it works?

the role id is invalid. update it to a valid one aswell


i need to get the roles id and idk how to find it

this is your role id for the role called “Member”


how do you get it so i can know later?

and could you try to verify now?

First you need to enable Developer mode under

USer Settings → Advanced → Developer Mode

Then go to Server Settings → Roles and right click on your verify role and press Copy Role ID:

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