There's an error when I try Verifying

It keeps saying an unexpected error has occurred every
time I try verifying??

Can you verify that the bot role is above the member role and that the member role id is correct on the dashboard?

It is correct, I even redid it 2 times, same thing happens

could you send your verify link?

The name is invalid please change it

name? how is it invalid

It won’t work on restorecord you need to remove the “&” or change it to something else

it worked but now it says invalid OAuth

you need to add the redirect url it’s in the

Alr I just added it, but it still says the same thing

you misspelled it

can I make a verify channel of the link, so that when a new member joins, they have an unverified role, and they have to verify with the link to get the verified role? Or do I have to buy the membership for that

to give a role when they verify change the “Role ID” on the website to the role id you want to give when they verify also don’t forgot to put the bot role above the member role

Is there a way to give them a role before they verify like unverified role?

Why would you want that? just hide every channel from @everyone and reveal them once they get the verified role

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