Suggestion for restorecord

Hey, i’d like to suggest to you guys to add some kind of way for the bot to go through server members and remove the verification role of users that weren’t given it by the restorecord bot, that would help server owners get their whole servers indexed and backed up by restorecord much easier and faster.

you can use bots such as dyno to remove the role from everyone.

yes but still that would remove it from everyone let’s say i already have 1k of my 6k members server authed to my restorecord bot instance, and i don’t want to bother that 1k i want to make the rest 5k verify through the bot.

hmm okay, but you should have known that tho

known what? this is a very useful feature that could be implemented by checking the verified members database that you use in your service, and then if i want to make the verified members that haven’t verified through the bot simple write a function and make it usable via a button just like the refresh commands functionality. Also it’s very useful if you for example decide for some reason to switch on ip logging since it’s turned off by default and you’d have to make everyone reverify, all i’m saying is just a simple feature that can do as i explained above by comparing the db from what the both has authed and the server members then making the ones that aren’t in the db reverify by removing their verified role should be simple.