RestoreCord Verify Message/Embed

Ive invited the bot to my server but I don’t know how to setup the verification message or the members pull back :c

Hello there, to pull your members back:

  1. Invite to bot the the server
  2. change the GUILD and ROLE ID on the dashboard.
  3. Click Pull

Also currently we officially don’t have a “Send verify message” feature as of right now but we are working on one right now.

For now, you should use as an alternative.
Here is a premade template I made:
Discohook < Click

Invite this bot: Bot Invite: Discord < Click

Modify this template to your preference and use the webhook created by Discohook Utilities to send it.

Get the webhook created by Discohook Utilties: Discohook Utils - Buttons - YouTube 0:00

After sending the embed with Discohook Website, you may also use the same bot to add a button with your verify link:

Add Button: Discohook Utils - Buttons - YouTube 0:44

The URL used in your button is:{BOT_ID}&redirect_uri={GUILD_ID}

!! REPLACE {BOT_ID} AND {GUILD_ID} with the corresponding information !!

If you have any further questions or need help setting up a verify-embed, feel free to dm me on telegram: Bl4ckBl1zZ
or join the RestoreCord telegram group: Telegram: Contact @restorecord