Restorecord bot got deleted from Discord server by itself

What should I here? I’m not sure how it got removed, but I can’t see in under Applications, which is the reason no one is able to verify it now. Should I create another bot application? Will I loose previously backup up users? I tried creating another application bot but I already have the same server, and it gives me an error stating the same guild is already in use. What should I do here?

if the bot is deleted you loose all members

I never removed the bot from the Discord server, though. I still have all the members in my restorecord account. What should I do now?

What can be done to fix it? I still have the server and members in restorecord and everything seems normal here. @xenos

You cant do anything other that starting back over with a new bot.

So, I can’t now merge that new bot with the previous server? @Bl4ckBl1zZ

No, you would need to delete the bot and server from the dashboard, then start a new one

Deleting the server would delete all the verified members right?

Yes but the the bot is already deleted so they are already lost

I still see verified members and I don’t think I have lost them. Can’t I create a new server and a new sever and just migrate the users to the new one? That’s what I did the previous time when the sever got banned.

the the bot is already deleted so they are already lost