Remove role after verify

Hello, can u add remove role after user verify?

EXAMPLE: user join and he get unverify and after he verify he will have only VERIFY role

An unverify role is very bad for example Someone raids your server and thousands of people join, the Bot that gives the role can’t keep It and many users won’t get the role and in that time those users can type and spam chat

I think u dont understand
people join and random bot give them unverify role so user cant do anything they see only verify channel
but after verify i wanna remove the unverify role

Correct, but that random bot can’t keep Up if Someone raids your server and several hundreds of people join at the same time so the bot skips giving the unverify role to many people

Further clarification, the bot gets rate limited by discord and cant give any roles once your server gets raided which may results into your channels getting spammed ect.

okey so its not possible to add it ? that will slow down your bot i think if someone raid me or?

Your approach of giving a unverified role is bad, and no it will not be added

So i highly recommend inverting the entire permissions system so the @everyone cant see any channels and users with a role can see them.

Okey, thanks guys