Pulling Members Question

So if people verify in multiple servers but with the same bot, is there a way to pull all of those members combined into a new server?

no you can only pull the members that are in the same restorecord server

so if that server gets banned, how do you pull them into a new server?

You change to guild and role id of the server you want to migrate on the dashboard, thwn click migrate/ but make sure that bot role is above the verify role.

so technically if i change the guild id and click migrate itll pull the members to that server regardless

it puts them in the server you set the server id to

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Pulling one specific member seems to be broken. I wasn’t able to bring back my alt when using the pull action on it but bringing in the entire server was possible.

Nvm it just doesn’t work on my alt. Just specifically that alt, it had server ownership before and high roles as it does work on my other alt

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