Pulling Members and server name change

So i have 2 thing i need help with, the first thing is when i try to pull a VERIFIED member, why he doesnt join back? He should. And the secound thing is, when i change my server name and change the name in the panel too, will it work?

Hello there,

did you make sure to update the guild- roleID and put the bot role above the verify role?

Do you mean changing your server name on Discord?
No changing the server name on Discord wont automatically change it on RestoreCord.

But if i change the name on restorecord and discord, does this cause problems?

Changing the name on restorecord will change the verify link

I have ne more question, my friend want the same server UI (Channels, Roles…) on his server but I dont want to invite all verified people from my server into his. I just want to load the channels and roles into his server but not the members. How do I do that?

Simply restore the backup, restoring a backup wont restore the members

So restoring members only works when I click the migrate button?


there is another thing i want to say, in the past i didnt knew what the migrate button is, so I pressed it and it started restoring members. Im sure im not the only person who did that so maybe you could make a message like “Are you sure to restore all members?” and if the user press yes it will start restoring members.

Forwarded to xenos

And I still dont know how to load my backup into his server, so I added his server to the server list and now what to do next? There is my and his server in the server list now, we both are using the same bot

You have to edit the guild id of the restorecord server, then go to backup and click restore on the corresponding backup.

I have another problem now, I cannot add a Log-webhook and VPN check. It worked for my other servers but not this one. The bot is on the server, highest perms possible but it doesnt work.

There is a current bug on the dashboard where it doesnt display these options for what ever reason, I’ve reported it to xenos and it should get fixed today.

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and slash commands also do not work. Interaction URL and Public key is setup but it doesnt work