Premium Version

Im using the custom bot function now and directly bought Premium.
But in my opinion the Premium subscription is a waste of money, in fact you only get 4 more servers where the bot can be on, Anti VPN which isnt that important and Verification Logs which already worked without Premium sub. And I paid 15.00$ for that. I think you should add some more function to the Premium sub like good Backups and its worth the 15.00$.

webhooks logs are available without premium, but the extended user information isn’t.
With the Free subscription, it only shows the IP on the site, with premium and above you can see the discord account the IP type, the provider, and estimated location and with the business subscription you can view the users’ Discord language and 2fa status

In fact you actually dont need that and like i said, its not worth 15$. Would be cool if you add some Features or i can buy the Business sub without spending 30 more. I just want a Backup feature

We offer upgrades from Premium to business if you want to

How much? 15$ is not worth it

You pay for the difference so yes $15, you get:

  • Server Backup
  • Customization
  • Online Status
  • Bot Commands

If you aren’t satisfied with premium we could refund you :+1:

Nah i will keep but it would be cool if you add some more stuff in it. I switched from Letoa to restorecord and Letoa had a really good backup function and i only had to pay 10$ for a year