Permissions error

i set up the roles properly nd its still saying bot is missing permissions and i cant get the bot to give roles, any idea?

Are you sure that the bot role (with bot name) is above the member/verified role?

Yea i have the bot role role higher than the other roles

thanks for the quick reply

Can you double-check if the role and server id is correct?

yes its all correct

server id nd desired member id that i would like to give to people after verifying, bot role has admin perms dev portal has bot nd app commands nd admin enabled aswell

Can i join your server so i can check it out myself?

Frost Services of course, thank you very much for the help! really appreciate it

Hi, the verified member role id doesn’t match the one on restorecord
verified member: 985735352004272179
restorecord: 1038191656454864977

copy pasted verfied member role id idk why it doesnt tf lol

you both are awesommmeeeee thank you very muchhhhhh i really appreciate your help & time today!!

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when i get id from role i gives that 10381**** could u lmk what i did wrong to recive that?


i have to create a new verified role nd delete previous one to make everyone reverify to see server is why i ask

thank you

no just use dyno bot and do ?role all -rolename so replace rolename with verified member

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