'missing permissions' : bot won't give role

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, the bot does have permission in the server. It’ll verify them in restorecord but won’t give role?

Didn’t help, I’ve done that. I have 2fa on my account and the server has 2fa.

send me your verify link


So? How can I fix it, I’m getting a bunch of DMs and I just want to fix it. :cry:

can you invite me to your server?

Invites are paused right now and I’m not the server owner.

then i cant help you,

is the bot in your server?
is the guild id correct?
is the role id correct?
please check everything.

Everything is good, they’re the same information as before and it was working. Then we did a revamp and suddenly the bot isn’t working anymore but the role ID is still the same and the bot is above.

You need to unpause invites, else the bot won’t work