Missing permision

Seems like this bot hasn’t been setup correctly, please contact the owner telling him the bot is Missing Permission.

I have checked multiple times and everything seems to be good, anyone can you help please?

If you have 2fa requirement enabled, disable it Because discord doesn’t allow unverified bots to manage your server and give roles

It is not activated

Are you sure? Is the bot role above the member role like this

I’m trying this now… gimme on sec to change my account an see if it works.

update: still the same error when trying to verify…

maybe its the wrong member role id did you check this too

Yup, I double checked… The Member ID is gotten by pressing copy is right or do I need to tag the role and put a “\” at the back of it?

Both with may I know the guild id

I’ve done it, figured it out… All I had to do was put the “\” at the back and not copy is…

Thank you very much and ways for the support❤️ have a wonderful day

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