Left verified members

So I see that there is 100 members in my server but 130 in the website (verified)
Which maybe mean 30 of them verified and left

When my server get deleted, if I migrate my members will it migrate 100 or 130 members?
If it migrate 130 members how can I make it only migrate 100?

It’ll migrate all members that are on the website

how to make it only migrate users that are still in the old one, not migrate left users

You can’t because if the server gets deleted we don’t know how was in there

No the server is not deleted yet

yeah but IF it does get deleted we don’t know who was in there so no its not possible

So can I remove left users on the website?

As of right now you can’t remove single members but you can only pull a specific member

thats gonna take a while… but still, best “restore” bot keep up the good work :+1:

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