I have busines plan and still slash command is not working for my bot

i have setup my bot and setup the server and when i am adding the bot in my server its showing offline and slash command is not working i have business plan still its not working and because of that i am enable to setup verification , verification working fine inside from restore cord website but because slash commands is not working so i am unable to setup in my server. Help me please

I did all these steps but its not showing online, can you help please?

i have filled Bot Name, Bot Secret, Public Key, Bot Token , do i need to add custom domain also because only custom domain is empty in bot setting?

Did you add the interaction url in discord?

Yes i added this https://restorecord.com/api/interaction it is present below in public key interaction endpoint url

Can you try kicking and reinviting the bot?
Discord can get pretty buggy.

Im having same issue

Sorry for the inconvenience youre experiencing aswell, have you already tried kicking and reinviting the bot?

Last night I did but it was still showing the same but now I have checked its showing online but for command when i am type “/” its not showing my bot to run the command, now how to fix it ?

Discord can be very buggy, can you try:

  1. kick the bot.
  2. remove interaction url.
  3. add interaction url.
  4. reinvite the bot

Its working now Thank you so much ,

I want to know if a create multiple servers and one custom bot in restorecorf so the one custom bot will work fine in multiple server and in future if i lost my server am i able to recover it?


You can use the same bot on as many servers as you want, just keep in mind that incase that bot ever gets disabled, you will loose every verified member.