I can't change my subscription

Hello I can’t switch the premium subscriptions to business subscriptions. When I click on “here” it sends me to stripe but it tells me that I have nothing


I can’t see the image, it might show nothing because you purchased a plan before the update

Alright, as I mentioned before it might show nothing as of right now, because you’ve purchased ~1 month ago so when you purchase again it’ll pop up on that page

Ok is it possible in this case to delete my current subscription so that I take the higher version?

What’s your username on the main page? (restorecord.com)


You should have gotten an email, if not log in on the customer panel again or wait a few hours

I did not get the mail

Then login to the customer panel https://billing.stripe.com/p/login/eVa4jz31t0dHgsUfYY

I am connected to the link you sent me but still the same page

I sent you a private message please check