I am unable to pull my members in my backup server

I have set up my bot for my previous server but unfortunately, right now I don’t have access to my server because it is banned. My bot is fine. and I have my backup server also.

When I logged in to my restorecord account I can see it’s showing that I have 651 verified members of which 594 are pullable so now I am trying to pull all these members in my backup server so for that in my restorecord bot I have updated my discord server ID and my member Id and invited my bot and move my bot above to role but when I am clicking on migrate its showing you are already pulling and then when I see my server I can’t see my 594 pullable members.

Can you please assist me with this I need to transfer my members to my backup server?

I am waiting for a swift response.


Sorry for a delayed response, but inorder to pull your members you must:

  1. create a server.
  2. setup channels and roles.
  3. update role and guild id on the dashboard.
  4. invite the bot.
  5. put the bot role above the verify role.
  6. click migrate.

I think you didn’t understand what I said, I have mentioned that I had a server that is banned now and in my restore cord I can see my pullable members which means I have already created a server, so in restorecord website in the server, I have updated server id and member id and then I have invited bot and clicked on migrate but its showing you are already pulling.

In simple words I want to transfer my 594 pullable members to my backup server because of this in restorecord in the server I have updated the server id and role id but it didn’t work.

i hope you understand this time.

Did you also put the bot role (the role created by the bot) above the verified role?

Yes i did

What is your server name ill send xenos a request to reset the current pull status of your server.

im facing the same problem right now, pulling members doesnt work

did you put the bot role above the verify role?

yes i did put above verify role. pulling was working back then.
now it doesnt work

do i need to set bot status online or offline or does it matter?

Can you invite me to your discord server?

My Server name in restorecord is Xergz server and here i have updated the GUILD ID & Member Role ID so that i can able to migrate my members but i could not.

I couldnt find that Server Name on Restorecord

Name => Xergz server

Is this your backup server?

Yes this is my backup server and here i want to transfer my members

I don’t see any issues, verification works fine, i got my role + got added to the server. What errors are you getting?

Sir still you didnt understand what i am trying to say, let me explain you again my previous server is closed now so i have all the members in restore cord i want to transfer my previous server member in my backup server so for this i have updated GUILD ID & Member Role ID in the server and then invitated the bot in my backup server and did all the steps and then click on migrate so that i can get my closed server members, where did i mentioned that my verification is not working i mentioned that i can see my members in restore cord i want to transfer them in my backup server

I don’t understand what the issue is. Do you have any screenshots or error codes to give?

If you want to restore your members to your server then do the steps you litterly mentioned in the same message