How to Pull All People?

Hi, im trying to know, How to pull all people in 1 Actions and not One By One ?
If my server and account got termed, i can restore server in my backup server restorecord and members too ? if yes how ?

There is a button called migrate in servers page.

You xan restore anytime aslong as the bot token is valid, if you created the bot on your main account then you messed up.

I cant transfer the bot to another account ? If i delete the bot and recreate on anothrr account but on the same server it will save all verfied members ?

The members are linked to the bot, which means if the bot is deleted, the members are lost aswell.

It is possible to transfer bots between accounts by adding the bot to a team and inviting the new account to that team. After you can transfer the team ownership to the new account and leave with your main sccount.

Any Tuto for doing that ?

Make a discord team ( enable 2fa if you haven’t already (you’re required to) then add your bot to a team, you can do this by clicking on your bot ( and then scrolling to the bottom of the page then click transfer to team, enter your 2fa code and the bots on the team now. Go back to your team (same page) invite your alt to the team accept the invite you get per email, when accepted go back on your main account then click on the team, scroll to bottom of page and click transfer ownership, select your alt, enter 2fa code now your alt should own the team and so does he own the bot

Awesome thx for you help bro ! God Bless You

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