How To Create Verify Button

How do you create a verify button in a verify channel? just watching the youtube tutorial now and it says I need business plan to use the command to create a verify enbed. currently no command show up for my bot and its also offline. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello there,

To add commands and get the bot to be online, follow this tutorial:

Then use /verify-embed to create an berify message.
if you are getting an: „Interaction did not respond“ error then try:
1.kick the bot.
2. remove the interaction url.
3. re add the interaction url
4. reinvite the bot

If you have any further question lmk.

Heya, so I tried this and im pretty sure it worked a while ago, since its all currently working in my server but now im trying in another server and its not working at all. the bot seems to be online but it doesn’t say slash commands are enabled on the bot. Thanks

did you invite the bot by using the invite button found in the dashboard?

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