Hey i cant verify in an discord it says error

Hey im getting error when i want to verify in an discord server Screenshot by Lightshot watch the picture it says contact support what should i do ?

Hello, can you send us the verify link?

https://restorecord.com/api/callback?code=ASI73hF5OBpakt0oD4b4U0so79Kx6L&state=986104580498673745 this is the verify link

No, that is the link only valid for a few seconds the verify link looks something like this:

The issue is probably someone sent you the link and it expired, that’s why you see the error

but im clicking on this Screenshot by Lightshot button

Hm, is this your server? If so you maybe changed your server id on the website, just resend the embed with the /verify-embed command

nono is not my server i just joined there and cant see channels because i need to verify but dont work :frowning:

contact the owner and send him this link:


alright i conctactet him with the link hopefully he will answer soon