Getting Started!

New to RestoreCord?

RestoreCord is a Discord Recovery Service, that allows you to restore your Discord Guild after being nuked, raided, or otherwise lost. It is simple, easy to use and been around since 2020, and is still growing.

Where can I use RestoreCord?

RestoreCord has multiple use cases:
• Verification Service
• Transfer Members between Old and New Server
• Light Alt Detection

How does RestoreCord work?
RestoreCord uses Discords oAuth2 feature which gives their users the ability to add Applications/Bots to their accounts. With special permissions, RestoreCord can “pull” users to specified users. This WILL NOT grant anyone access to your account or WON’T steal your account token/email/password. RestoreCord is entirely safe.

Need further help?

Check out our Documentation at or create a topic in the corresponding category. is currently work-in-progress** —