Get the email address of an verified user using email scope

I want email to be included in webhook messages sent when users verify, just like ip

I think they’ve been quite against this for privacy reasons. Why would you need the email address?


There is no means of contacting the user when the application is disabled.
Without a shared server, it is not possible to send DMs on Discord.

I believed that notifying the user about obtaining their email address and obtaining their consent to receive broadcasts via email would resolve any issues with the application.

If including it in a webhook is deemed unsafe, what about generating an output from a website in CSV format or similar? Additionally, we could consider allowing users to manually choose a scope and generate an access token.

(I may have an English sentence that is not natural because English is not my first language, sorry)

Your use case might be correct but there will be many different users who would abuse this, potentially hacking their users or selling their data, adding this feature could ruin our reputation as beinf a safe platform, I’m sure we would be recognized as Email Grabbing platform. I’m not entire sure about this part but this could also against european privacy laws and we could get sued. ( I’m bot entirely sure about the last part.)

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I see, I understand.
Thank you very much.