Error code on verify

When people try to verify in my server, they get this error message. I have tried myself and got the same error even going as fast as possible.

got the same problem
it is possible the api is down rn so we will need to wait for a response form admin / owner

@Bl4ckBl1zZ @xenos I would like the same help here so when you respond to him please ping me too

The issue has been fixed 2 hours ago. If it persists then retry.

alr thx

same thing hm
maybe I have to refresh or update somthing?

no you have to verify again from the beginning refreshing the link before doesn’t work

yea I know duh but I think I figured out the problem

I am getting a new error. i’m after i authorize it redirects me back to restore cord on my verify page and says “unknown error has occurred”

Is the bot token valid? Can you go to the custom bot page and check if it says Unknown Bot or the normal bot name?