Custom Domain

Hi there,

I bought a new domain and followed the guide, but cannot get it to work.

What am i doing wrong?

Custom domain - https:// www.sirius-products. info [ I can only post 3 links max]

Thank you

Hello there, could you try creating a CNAME record which has this config: @ pointing to

Hello, I understand your helping him, but I am having a similar issue on setting up a custom domain, if you can please help me.

Provided the issue

Its normal, custom domain only works for verification

may i ask whats this issue?
already setup the oauth thingy

what is the custom domain seton restorecord?


what? can you send a screenshot?

of what exactly?

custom domain also already put in:

I fixed it, try verifying

Nice it works now!
Will this mess up my members by the way? When i am pulling people onto a new server?

nope aslong as the domain used on restorecord is also set in discord redirect URL list

Hi, how do i create a CNAME Record ?

Name: @

Okay will try that.

Anything for the WWW.?

You have made a mistake. You added www, in front of this:

Please remove it and it should work

Great!!! It is working 10/10.

Will grab a sub just to say thanks for the support !

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