Custom bot not working when I pull members or do anything else

Hi, I’ve been trying to use RestoreCord with the custom bot, and when I verify it doesn’t give me the role. And when I press pull members nothing happens. I do have the correct info put in.

Can you confirm that the Bot Role is above the Verify role?
Also, check if the bot has permissions.

It has all permissions and the bot role is above the verified role

Okay weird, can you send your guildID?

How do I get that? Is that just the discord server ID?

Thats correct! :+1:


Okay thank you, we will check this out and let you know if we found anything out of ordinary!

Okay thank you!

Hey so according to our logs, Discord spews the error message “MISSING_PERMISSIONS” , can you please reverify:

  1. The bot has the correct permissions.
  2. Check if the role id is correct.
  3. Check if the Bot Role is above the Role that should be given to the users

The bot has administrator and the role is at the top. I also checked the role ID and it is correct.

Hmm, Maybe you gave the wrong Bot the permissions? Check for immortal#3098 with a yellow profile picture

I fixed it. Thanks!

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