Cant Use/Invite bot anymore

I got termed on my Main Account AND the bot owners account
if i want to invite the bot to my new server with a new account it says
“This integration is private, Only the Owner of the Bot can do that action”
What am i supposed to do?
i have like 100 people in the bot.

You set your bot to private so only the owner of the bot can invite the bot

but how can i change the bot privacy when the account linked to it, is termed?

you can’t that’s why you use an alt account that has never and will never be used for anything other than keeping the bot

i did, i didnt have owner in the server i created the bot for, but it got disabled/banned for no reason
any way to pull the members to a new bot?
would be sad to lose the members

no probably not, which reason was it the account got banned?

being in a termed server, only 1 termed server and it got instant disabled

I’m talking about this:

Your account has engaged in or encouraged abuse of the Discord platform by engaging in any of the following behaviors:

Purchase or attempted purchase of a Discord account or server
Fraudulent activity involving Nitro or Boosts
Submitting false, malicious or mass reports to the Trust and Safety team

Never reported any dc server on a fresh acc, didnt have a single chat message on the account since i created it for the bot, never sold anything with that acc
only had the bot on it, and left the account as it was.

They banned me for no reason, and opening a unban request wont help ig

cant i change the bot token/client secret etc to a new created bot but keep the members?

no discord saves the “members” on the bot

then rip ig

Was the alt on any servers?