Cant delete bots

hello old discord account got termed and now i dont have acces anymore on it
i deleted my server in restorecorod and tried to make a new bot and it wasnt working
cause you cant delete your bots so i cant use restorecord anymore that is a big issue
and makes it just not usable pls fix that issue so i can use it again thank you <3

Done, bot has been deleted from our side.

Thank you so much <3 appreciate it

yo ive the same problem i got termed and it doesnt make me delete the bot, can u help me?

yes send username


I can’t delete the bot because its linked to a server so you’d need to delete the server so that i can delete the bot

bro i ll lose all my verified members

Unfortunately, if the bot gets terminated, your members are also lost.

Did you create your bot on your main account?

yes but it got termed

So if you go to the custom bots page. does it say “Unknown Bot”?

so i cant modiffy or delete bot

Good, the bot tokens are till valid, which means you are still able to recover your members, but I recommended getting all of your member to reverify on a new bot after pulling them into a new server.

Your old bot will be deleted after 14days or earlier

bro the bot is the old one i changed token n bot secret to the new bot but i cant edit the bot id

You cant switch the custom bot from 1 bot to a completely different bot since you can only pull your members with that bot. Thats why you have to delete your server and bot inorder to create a new one.

so everytime my acc got termed i cant do nothing to repullap members cause the bot is binded to the old acc. how can f do

DONT create the bot on your main account, put it on an account that has no servers on it. But you’re lucky right, your bot isn’t fully termed yet which means you can still pull your members to your new server before it’s too late.

If your bot is termed, the custom bot page would say “Unknown Bot”.

i deleted do it now

Bot deleted