Can i buy restorecord montly or only yearly

can i buy restorecord montly or only yearly

currently you can only purchase the yearly plan

will there be like that u can buy monthly

probably in a few weeks but, not right now. You also save a lot when you get the yearly plan

if i would buy the yearly will it automatically buy new one after a year

Only if you pay with card, but you can cancel so it’ll stop charging after 1 year passes

if i buy with crypto will i get the business instantly

crypto might take up to an hour to process but usually under 10 minutes.

how do i get my bot online, i have bought the business and have added public key

1. Add your public key from Discord.
2. Set the interaction URL on Discord.
3. Go back to Restorecord, edit your bot and click refresh commands.

For more information, refer to the Enable Commands guide on our documentation website: Enable Slash Commands

is there option to choose amount of how many peps u want to pull

Not as of right now

will there be added like that u can choose how much

maybe but not right now

btw whats the reason theres not option like that

mainly because we don’t appreciate people using restorecord to sell members

We proxy every request which costs us money, and people selling members pull every day 7 or 8x it’s just costing us money for them to profit, hope you get what i mean

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