Bot termed and server termed cant delete bot to transfer members to new server

My server got termed along with my bot. I can’t delete the bot because it still says it’s in the termed server which shouldn’t be happening how can I fix this?

You need to delete the RestoreCord server inorder to delete the bot

I can’t delete the server as the server is termed

You have to delete it on RestoreCord dashboard, not on discord.

But it states “All Verified Members” Will be deleted I do not want this as restore cord is supposed to be use to restore members when a server is termed or other reasons. I want to pull all my previous memebers.

Unfortunately, if the bot is deleted then the members are lost as well, did you create the bot on your main account?

The acc that it got termed on yes

Well I recommend you create the bot on a discord account which isn’t on any server, preferably an old account aswell…

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