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  1. So my discord recently got banned and I made another bot for it. If ever my discord gets banned again can I pull all two verified members on both bot to my new server?
  2. What does the backup actually back up? Does it backup the members with their specific roles or just the channels?
  3. Im on the servers section. And I want to backup my server daily, but when i click backup again it doesnt work. Do I have to delete my current backup and make a new one? or does it update when i click backup?
  4. If I delete my first bot (the one on the server that got banned) will it delete all the members on the verified list?
  5. In regards to question one, If the answer is no. Am I able to migrate those verified members to my new bot?

Thank you.

  1. Unfortunately if the bot get disabled by discord moderators then the members that are linked to the bot are unpullable by our systems.

  2. The backup feature create a full 1:1 copy of your Discord Server (Not messages) incase of a server deletion you can restore it. The members arent in those backups. they are stored in the individual servers located in the Server tab.

  3. Whenever you create a backup in the Servers Tab, it replace the last one you made. Be careful to no not take a backup whenever the server is empty. It will permanently delete the older once. This action cant be undone.

  4. Inorder to delete a bot from the dashboard, you have to delete all RestoreCord servers linked to that bot first.

  5. You CANT transfer members between bots.

I HIGHLY recommend you read our Safety Guides about keeping your bot secure:

  1. No the bots are not banned. What I meant is if in the future my discord gets banned. Can I pull the members from my two bots? say i have 300 members on my first bot, 50 on my second. Can I pull all 350 on the new server?
  2. Thank you!
  3. Got it!
  4. Uh, like I asked will it delete the members linked to that bot? Or will it stay on my verified members list? and i can pull them anytime?
  5. Thanks. So as long as they don’t get banned by mods I should be good right?
  1. Yes as long as the bot isn’t banned
  2. do you mean delete the bot from the developer page? if yes then the members are lost aswell-
  1. thanks.
  2. on the servers page.

also can u check out my account. suddenly my bots Profile picture dissapeared and my backups got deleted? and also when i try to backup new one it doesnt include the roles.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet please check photos

You deleted the server on the dashboard so the backups get deleted aswell.

That isnt the bot profile pictures, its the server profile picture.

I didnt delete it.

yea it just dissapeard i fixed it though.

ohh okay, im glad that you fixd it