401: Unauthorized when trying to migrate

How can I fixed this? dang.

My server got banned how do i go about fxing this?

I paid premium subscription for this. If bot is banned Do I just lose all my progress? Whats the point of this then and my payment… Even backup wont work…

I literally spent over 1k USD on advertisement. There is no way.

This is so useless if i lose my progress just like that. Is there no way to get my members back?? or u guys can migrate?

Hello, the bot has most likely gotten banned, did you not read of our guidelines about securing your bot?

I did read it. Do you guys not have any backup plan for this? I literally put full trust in your bot. This just makes it so useless?? Can you help at all?!?

Did you create the bot on an account that was on any servers?

This is how discords api work, nothing we can change.

everything I spent over 1k+ on ads, payment for this is just useless. fuck ur service man. i put full trust and all you can say is “nothing we can change” . No bot wasnt on any server.

Wdym the bot was in zero servers. Have any of your account got termed recently?

Ofc its on the server it was on. My main account got termed thats why I’m here. Jesus im just wasting my time. Its on just 1 server. the server it was needed on ofc.

And the bot was created on your main account?

What a useless bot this is if its just gonna get clapped like this. Lost all progress, no backup. no nothing.

No not main account. dude i read it all.

So where was the bot on.

On an alt account. where else would it be?

Was that alt account on any servers?

Alt account barely goes on.

I said no dude. its just on 1 server, hasnt messaged anyone. nothing. Idk what your trying to get here.

Just answer my question. Can you guys do anything to someone who bought ur subscription or are you guys just USELESS?

Cause no backup, progress wasted of over 1k+ advertisements. just answer.

Not my fault that you wasted over 1k in advertisment, I’m trying to figure out what you did wrong but you are acting like a broken record player telling me that you wasted over 1@ in advertisments and you lost your bot. The information you are providing is conflicting with each other or you are just bad at reading my questions.

So, you alt account was on 1 server, even thought the docs clearly stated that it should be in ZERO servers.

There is a high chance that Alt accounts get termed if they are in the same server that bot is on. Especially if they got permissions.

And due to discords api limitations, only the bot that the members have verified on can pull them, we can backup the database all you want, it wont change the fact that discord limits such features.

How is it not your fault?

I put 100% trust in your bot and even paid the subscription because I thought you guys could do anything at all. Just to find out your service is utterly useless.

And whats conflicting about anything I said? Maybe your comprehension is just close to 0.

How would the bot work if it wasnt on the server the bot was in? what kind of sorcery is this. Clearly now your saying it shouldnt be on the same server. YOUR information is misleading. If that was included then I wouldnt have done it.